Rethink your Social Impact Strategy for 2017 : Follow the WW Trends

06 Jun

In India, the social impact sector is evolving faster than ever, with new breakthroughs and best practices emerging constantly. While there will certainly be some surprises in 2017, nonprofit organizations can expect some overarching trends to take center stage. Tune into these developments in the social impact sector now to help attract and delight donors moving forward.

We’ve gathered the top trends to look for..

1. Mobile First strategy  …
With 66 percent of emails being opened on a smartphone or tablet, one cannot put off becoming mobile-friendly anymore. Your organization’s website, emails, and donation pages must be usable on mobile devices or you risk losing stakeholders. A survey of millennials found that trying to navigate non-mobile-friendly sites was their biggest pet peeve when it came to connecting with organisations in this sector. In India the mobile penetration is the highest amongst all the screens.

2. The Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
More than ever, supporters of a cause are going beyond simply making a donation. Instead, they are becoming advocates and leveraging their own social network to make a bigger financial impact. With the interconnectedness of social media, peer-to-peer stands to grow in popularity among different players in this sector. This will break the SILOS and help forge newer relationships.

3. Development Sector needs to Invest in the Future
An influx of young founders, social enterprise trends and the influence of startup principles are turning the tide. Underpinned by technology, this sector can enhance the impact multifold.

4. RIP to the Text-Heavy CSR reports

With infographics and other visual representations of impact, reports can convey their most important accomplishments more quickly to scanning readers. Images are processed much faster by the human brain and a well-chosen photo from the field can have a larger impact.  Content Management tools are very important.

5. Collaboration, Not Competition : Impact First
Sometimes two heads are better than one, and often an organization can make a greater impact on a cause by partnering with another organisation and have a force multiplier effect.

6. Social Media and Digital Engagement is mandatory
Social media has been an important driver of fundraising for several years now, but every day the two seem to become more entwined. Social media will continue to evolve into a vital part of marketing impact campaigns. Currently stakeholders in India have integrated this to a limited extent. The power is yet not unleashed.

While most of the organisations have already finalised their 2017 plans, they need to think differently and disrupt this sector. Theres lots to be done and thus usage of modern tools need to increase substantially to make a perceptible difference on ground !

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